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Quadrus Conferences

Audio-Visual: The Quadrus Conference Center is equipped with high performance equipment, most of which is moveable, and arrangements can be made for additional equipment or a trained operator. AV rates.

Webcasting: We are pleased to work with Viking Media for your webcasting needs.

Internet & Phone: Wifi and phone lines are available upon request.

Support Services: Access to a fax machine, copier and printer is available to all conferees. Messages may be called into our office at (650) 854-2342 and will be delivered to your room immediately.

Music: Our Yamaha Baby Grand piano is available for rent. Your Ipod or Cds can be played through our sound system.

Catering: Our talented and experienced chefs can create menus for both simple and elaborate affairs. We have an extensive menu selection, but are more than happy to assist in customizing your perfect meal. Our full-service lunch cafe is also available for walk-up coffee service until 2pm.

Parking: Free parking is available for all attendees. We can also provide maps of the site to distribute prior to your meeting.

Art: We are fortunate to have several pieces of the Anderson Art Collection displayed in the Quadrus Conference Center. These pieces are very valuable and all guests are asked to observe the art from behind the stanchions provided.

Quadrus Conference Center
“There were numerous comments throughout the day regarding how lovely the setting was for an all day meeting, and how exquisite the lunch was. I also want to thank you for adapting to the many changes in our schedule throughout the day, as well as meeting our last minute needs.”
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