Quadrus Conference Center and Catering

“Palo Alto Weekly” Review

Restaurant Review: A capital enterprise for lunch.

There are lots of enticing goings-on up on Sand Hill Road, the heart of the area’s venture capital enterprise. But even if you don’t know a start-up from a stalemate, there’s no reason why you can’t at least eat like a venture capitalist. Quadrus Cafe and Conference Center is located at ground zero of this industry, nestled behind a compound of shiny, modern office buildings and beautifully landscaped property. Discreet signs point the way, so pay attention or you might find yourself making a full circle right back out of the industrial park and back into the public domain. The cafe is small — just 20 or so tables — but an adjacent tiered patio virtually doubles its size. High-set windows line the sides of the high-ceiling room, and plate-glass doors open out onto the patio, creating a sense of airy spaciousness. Framed black-and-white photographs show famous faces and quiet naturescapes for an additional visual appeal.

“The Almanac” Review

CORPORATE CHEF – John Sakrison of Menlo Park specializes in the care and feeding of VC’s

Trained as a professional chef, John Sakrison of Menlo Park wears many hats, besides a chef’s toque.

In 2002, he and his wife, Carla, purchased Quadrus Conference Center and Catering on Saga Lane, just off Sand Hill Road. Today he juggles operating Quadrus Café, scheduling events in the conference center, and sending our vans to cater to the needs of venture capitalists, the denizens of “Wall Street West.”